Why List Your Boat With Dilworth Yacht Brokers?

Finding a buyer who will pay your price and terms for your boat, takes experience. A boat is likely to be one of your most expensive assets second only to your home. To be assured of successful results, these and other potentially complicated issues need to be considered:

★ Can you find a buyer with acceptable terms?
★ How are you going to find this buyer (who could be a slip mate, but most likely live in the next city, state or even in Maryland,
     Florida, or California)?
★ Who is going to show your boat without getting emotionally involved, when the buyer asks the tough questions?
★ Who is going to "write up" some kind of agreement to sell?
★ Do you legally need a deposit?
★ When should a survey be performed, if so who pays?
★ Is the surveyor experienced or just getting excited about insignificant problems?
★ If a significant problem is found, what happens now? Who is going to keep the buyer enthusiastic about buying your boat and
     keep the sale on schedule?
★ Who is going to make sure you get paid properly and on time? Who do you talk to when everything goes wrong? And so on...

Dilworth Yacht Brokers works for you to professionally sell your boat. We manage all the aspects of the sale properly from: preparing detailed information, determining the proper asking price, showing the boat and answering questions from prospective buyers, assembling agreements, to organizing financing, surveys, insurance; and, we make sure you are paid in full and on time.

Above all, Dilworth Yacht Brokers, is firmly committed to an easy, predictable, professional and a satisfying experience for all. Properly selling boats, is our specialty here in Northern Michigan, and a tradition since 1978. This is just part of what we do for you:

The best marketing plan gets your boat noticed and sold among the thousands of boats that are on the market today. The right marketing plan is developed and implemented for your boat. Some are advertised on a regional and national basis, and others are advertised locally. We find buyers for both our mainstream and unique boats using our proven techniques. Sometimes there are only a few buyers for a certain boat; we find them. These efforts are supplemented with regular brochures to both boat buyers and other yacht brokers.

We maintain lists of thousands of boaters and boat buyers that we have had regular contract with over the years. Information is sent to all interested prospects. When you've been selling boats for as long as we have, you get to know a lot of boaters on a friendly first name basis. Other yacht brokers will know about your boat too. When your boat is listed, we immediately share the information with other companies, including those who may specialize in your type of boat. Your boat could be sold through a Chicago, Miami, San Diego, or Annapolis broker through our association with a sellect group fo yacht brokers.

Quick response and diligent follow up, to those inquiring about your boat with full listing reports, complete pictures, literature, etc. is just the beginning. When ever you call us, you go immediately to us ... no holding or waiting. We answer our phone from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm ... everyday. We like "talking boats."

We handle all the details beyond offering your boat to all who inquire about your type of boat. Getting buyers interested and committed to buy your boat is the next step. Moving the sale through all the other important details as: purchasing contracts, survey, sea trial, financing, insurance, and final delivery is also our specialty. We "sweat all the details" so you don't have to; and we do this successfully, professionally, and on time. If a problem is encountered, our decades of experience resolves it. Once a purchase agreement is written, we rarely lose a sale.

Yacht brokerage is our only business. While other companies do have brokerage services as a part of their overall marine operation, we feel best efforts are sometimes diluted by many other duties. All our time, money and expertise is spent only on brokerage activities to sell more boats. Your boat will never compete with other new boats that must be sold first.

Dilworth Yacht Brokers is proud of the hundreds of successful transactions we have completed over the decades. Every transaction is important to us regardless of the size or price. Repeat business is a very important part our success. We look forward to serving you well, having your expectations fulfilled, and having you be another success story for all of us.

Written by Wes Dilworth, President and Founder of Dilworth Yacht Brokers

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