We Give Boat Buyers More Rights

The Right Boat. There are a multitude of manufacturers, models, years, sizes, and types of boats. What are the most important features your next boat must have? What is the right boat: sportfisherman, Diesel motor yacht, late model express cruiser, race or cruise equipped sailboat, or single engine trawler? How are you going to use the boat? Family cruising? Weekend over-nighting? Day cruising? And, for how many? Dilworth Yacht Brokers has the years of experience you need to discover what is the right boat for you. If you have already selected a particular model, we can help refine the best options, and desirable features enhancing your enjoyment aboard.

The Right Price. How do you know if your paying too much for a boat? Dilworth Yacht Brokers spends the time to make sure our prices are competitive and represent a very fair market value. If a price is too high the boat simply won't sell. If a price is too low, what is wrong with the boat? What costly problems you might discover later?

The Right Condition. Most buyers want boats in new condition, needing nothing and are already to use. Other buyers are looking for a "fixer{.sy 45}up special". Is the price in line with the condition of the boat? Will it pass inspection and marine survey? Here at Dilworth Yacht Brokers, we take the time to see every boat before we accept the listing. While we don't do a formal marine survey, we have the experience to tell the great boats from the good boats. Our boats are at least a 7 on a 1 to 10 scale (10 being the best), a boat measuring less than a 7 are generally not submitted to you. Because we have seen the boat, have taken our own pictures, we can testify to condition, discuss features, and describe gear and equipment in detail. Our information is complete, comprehensive, and reliable. We won't risk your investment or our reputation on a boat that doesn't measure up.

The Right Location. The closer your next boat is to your home port the better. Dilworth Yacht Brokers knows where the closest boats are to you. We do this not only for local northern Michigan buyers, and we also find close boats for people who keep their boats in Mt. Clemens, Chicago, or Holland.

The Right Time. Why buy a boat in the fall? Did you know, fall is when most boats become available for the very first time. Boats are usually sold for less money in the fall than the spring. Buying a boat in the fall, gives you time to enjoy your "new boat" yet this season, and still allows you plenty of time to add equipment and make any changes over the winter. Your boating starts early while others are spending their weekends looking at possibly "picked over" boats.

Dilworth Yacht Brokers give you the right and best service. We give you the straight talk when you call us. We know boat buying requires accurate information you can trust and rely on. Having been aboard most of production sail and powerboats, we can discuss them in detail. Some buyers have commented that we don't sell boats as much as we educate buyers to make a sound decision, giving them confidence they have bought the right boat. Dilworth Yacht Brokers is a full service yacht brokerage company. Beyond fulfilling your requirements, we also arrange and co-ordinate: financing, surveyors, insurance, dockage, adding additional equipment, dispersing moneys and documents. We are very proud of the 2000+ transactions we have been involved with. What is the next right boat for you?

Written by Wes Dilworth, President and Founder of Dilworth Yacht Brokers

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