Yacht Broker Can Help Both The Buyer, Seller
What is a yacht broker?

John has enjoyed his boat for the last three summers, and is now ready to move up to a bigger boat, for his new use, better for Lake Michigan family cruising. Rather than using a professional yacht broker, he decided to sell the boat himself. He is now having to take calls at work, spending evenings and weekends waiting at the marina for buyers to keep appointments, even showing the boat to "everyone and their brother."

Bob, set out to buy a certain boat. He heard about this particular boat for sale, and called John and came to look. After talking about the boat, they became "pals." At this point, the boat was discussed very little, and the conversation turned into more trivial chatter ... "you went to U of M too ... oh really, what year? ... my daughter is an honor student there" ... and so on.

Now because they are now "pals," Bob will made an offer on the spot, gave John a deposit, and happily drove off. As time passes, both the buyer and seller come to their senses. John thinks he sold his boat way to cheap. Bob feels he paid too way much, and now wants all the little scratches fixed, delivered to his dock, the motor tuned up, a lower price, or his money back. The ultimate collapse of this kind of deal is almost certain.

The same transaction handled through a yacht broker, gives both the buyer and seller an agreement, protection from a change of heart; or price. Providing assurance against the failure from the previous type of negotiation, is the primary reason for buying and selling through a yacht broker.

A boat will likely be the second most expensive asset right after your home. To be assured of a good financial decision, when buying or selling a boat, requires a professional yacht broker to manage the transaction. The average person does not buy or sell enough boats in a life time to become proficient for a successful transaction. Using a yacht broker to buy or sell a boat, is very much like using other professionals in your life as: physicians, lawyers, accountants, real estate agents, and so on. Choose the professionals with the right credentials with the most years of experience in the market is critical ... the best in their field.

For the seller, yacht brokers get your boat noticed among the thousands of boats sold each year. Yacht brokers know exactly where to market your boat for the best exposure to buyers. They professionally represent your boat, manage all aspects of your sale properly from preparing a detailed information with professional pictures, determining the proper asking price, showing your boat to prospective qualified buyers, to organizing inspections, financing, insurance, etc. They make sure you are fully paid on time.

For the buyer, yacht brokers have the expertise to find you the best boat, at the right price. An experienced yacht broker maintains contact with sellers and other yacht brokers to locate your special boat, with the all the features and reliable equipment, you want. Boats are located locally, regionally and also on a nation wide search.

A yacht broker adds a layer of protection for both the buyer and seller. Basically they properly manage the orderly and predictable transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer.

Wes Dilworth, author, is a Northern Michigan Yacht Broker since 1977.
Published in the Petoskey News Review, Boating Suppliment the front page, May 24, 1991.

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