Why Buy A Boat From Dilworth Yacht Brokers?

A boat is likely to be one of your most expensive assets second only to your home. Our goal, here at Dilworth & Lally Yacht Brokers is to make your boat buying fun, and to help you find the right boat at a competitive price. To be confident you are buying the best boat, here are some of the questions that need to be considered:

★ What type of boat do I want, sailboat, powerboat, trawler, cruising boat, race boat, or runabout?
★ What do I want the boat to do for me and my family? What price range should I expect to pay?
★ Is the asking price too high or too low?
★ How am I going to find this boat? It could be in the next slip, or in the next city, state as Illinois, Maryland, or Florida?
★ What problems do I look for?
★ When the seller says it's in perfect condition, is it really?
★ Who is going to show me the boat, and has the knowledge and resources to fully answer all my questions?
★ Who is going to "write up" some kind of purchasing agreement?
★ Do I legally need a deposit?
★ When should a survey be performed, if so who pays? Is the surveyor experienced or just getting excited about insignificant
     problems? If a serious problem is found, what happens now?
★ If the boat is to be financed, where do I get the best interest rates with long terms?
★ What kind of insurance is needed?
★ Who do I talk to when everything goes wrong? Who can I trust? ... and so on...

Dilworth Yacht Brokers professionally helps you answer all these questions (plus more), in your quest to buy the right boat. Some buyers have commented that we don't sell boats as much as we educate buyers to make a sound decision. We give you confidence that you are buying the right boat. To do this, we professionally oversee all the aspects of your purchase: determining what is the best boat for you; locating a group of the top choices among all the boats available; we save you time by gathering accurate information, pictures, in advance; meeting with you for a first hand inspection, and answering questions about each candidate; assembling agreements; organizing financing, surveys, insurance, etc.
   We take time to listen. Above all, Dilworth Yacht Brokers, is firmly committed to an easy, predictable, professional and a satisfying experience for all. Successfully and properly selling boats, is our specialty here in Northern Michigan, and a tradition since 1978. This is just part of what we do for you.

"we see every boat we list, and we don't list every boat we see"... This is our commitment to you, by offering only the best boats. We take the time to personally inspect each and every boat represented. If a boat on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the best) is not at least a 7 or 8, we generally will not represent the boat. Because we have seen the boat, have taken our own pictures, we can testify to condition, discuss features, and describe gear and equipment in detail. Our information is complete, comprehensive, and reliable. Have you ever talked with another broker who said, "I don't know, I haven't seen the boat ... but the seller says it's in excellent condition."?

We give you the straight talk when you call us. We know boat buying requires accurate information you can trust and rely on. Since we have been aboard, we know what the condition is, and what the boat has; we tell both the good and bad. Condition, features and equipment, affect value and ultimately resale. When we use words like "loaded, excellent, and pristine," we mean " loaded, excellent, and pristine." If a boat "needs work" or "restoration", in some areas, we say so. A boat requiring renovation or refurbishing can also be an extremely good value.
   You have probably heard horror stories about a boat that was supposed to be "in great shape" but when time was taken to see the boat, it was dirty, in tough condition with poor maintenance and over priced. Perhaps this has happened to you.

Dilworth Yacht Brokers is the only full time yacht brokers in Northern, Michigan Yacht brokerage is our only business. While other companies do have brokerage services, their sales staff full time job,is selling new boats. They only sell brokered boats as a part time job. We understand the brokered boat market ... this is our exclusive focus for you our boat buyer.

Dilworth Yacht Brokers is proud of the thousands of successful transactions we have completed over the decades. We have sold boats to buyers from nearly every county and major city in the Great Lakes states and just about every state in the union. Our buyers, sellers and boats are often great distances apart. We work very effectively by telephone, email, overnight mail to keep everything on schedule for both selling boats here in Boyne City, the entire Great Lakes, plus the Atlantic amd Pacific oceans. We look forward to serving you well, having your expectations fulfilled, and having you be another success story for all of us.

Written by Wes Dilworth, President and Founder of Dilworth Yacht Brokers

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